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One of the main products in the Mr. The advice is VIP Signals – fully selected, based on an original strategy, signals from a professional trader with several years of experience, who analyzes the market on an ongoing basis and presents an update of the current situation during the game. Thanks to his work and experience, you will play both up and down positions in many cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, ADA and BCH.

Scalping matches are only conducted on days when the market allows it. It is a short term trading strategy based on slight changes in the rate. The scalping group conducts daily and evening LIVE games with traders. The average game profit is between 2% and 20%. The games are usually conducted on the BTC, ETH, XRP or BCH cryptocurrencies.

For our community, we search for alternative cryptocurrencies, the so-called “altcoins”, which are characterized by great dynamics. Professional analyzes are aimed at finding products for both long-term purchases – to expand the portfolio, and short-term games, often also for the so-called levers.

A project created by young and committed people whose mission is to help beginners find their way to the cryptocurrency market. Together, we create an education and signaling group in which you will find:

➡️ ready and proven solution to be introduced immediately

➡️ access to knowledge and analyzes, as well as many years of experience that we are happy to share

➡️ active community – development and support in achieving the goal

➡️ mentoring – a personal approach for everyone in the community

Persistent following the market results from passion, and our commitment translates into great results for the entire community.

Our specialists daily conduct in-depth analyzes of projects with low market capitalization in search of the so-called diamonds in the rough. Often these are projects that are part of the current trends, e.g. ICO, DeFi, PolkaDot, NFT. Specially selected projects are characterized by a predisposition to large increases. The long-term goal is to create a portfolio that will result in a huge return on investment during market euphoria, the so-called life-changing money.

We give you our proprietary trading course based on many years of experience in the markets and charts. You will learn from scratch the principles and techniques that Mr.Advice uses. From scratch, we will teach you step by step how to make money on the markets and, as a result, become an independent trader. Depending on the subscription, it is from few to even several hours of selected training materials. In this course you will find topics such as Trendlines, Corrections, Fibonacci Retracements, Volume, EMA, MACD, RSI and more.

Our community has at its disposal a very extensive forum on the Discord platform, which provides detailed instructions on how to use the exchanges, wallets and platforms on which the entire Mr. Advice. This is a place where every new person learns step by step the basics of investing real money, but also a mine of business, marketing and technical knowledge. On the platform you will also find market thoughts and analyzes, basic trading concepts, but also a capital management strategy that is the key to long-term success. Compliance with the principles of the strategy combined with education and commitment will bear fruit! Everything you need and much more can be found on our platform.

On the Telegram group, the author’s so-called Coffee & Goodnight with Trader. It is a morning and evening description of the current situation on the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, each of the offered products has its own two huts. The first is a technical channel, the second is a discussion channel where our administrators, among others answer current questions or doubts of our community. Additionally, there is also the main content / information channel where the most important information of the forum is posted. The last chat is typically debatable. Our members can express themselves on various topics there, having a great time and integrating with the rest of the community. Our forum is a community with a common goal. These are people who, by using the potential of this market, achieve financial independence. It’s a place where you can always count on help!

Check out our free channels and see for yourself!

Check out our free channels and see for yourself!

Mr.Advice trading view analyses

Mr.Advice trading view analyses

Auto Trading BOT Connection
We provide the option of connecting an automated BOT, which will fully execute the order of a selected signal transaction for you, issued by our specialized Trader.
A fantastic tool with which you never miss a signal. We will call you every time a new signal or important information is published, thanks to which you will have time to set your position. We know our community has daily activities, and so do you. We respect it and at the same time we want you not to miss anything important.

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