Bitcoin is the 'best property security', and here is MicroStrategy's plan

It is no secret that MicroStrategy holds around 0.5 per cent of all Bitcoin. One would think that such a share would satisfy the company's need for BTC. Unfortunately, it clearly does not. In fact, CEO Saylor has often openly said that MicroStrategy wants to buy more BTC. Moreover, he has also made it clear that he has no desire to sell the company's shares either. In fact, the company still ...

Almost 8% of BitCoin held by corporations

As reported by Bitcoin Treasuries, as many as 1,660,473 BitCoin (BTC) are on the balance sheets of companies and corporations. This is approximately 8% of all Bitcoin that may ever be in circulation. If we take the current number of BTCs that are currently in circulation, it is safe to say that as much as 10% of all Bitcoin is in the hands of companies. The largest holder of Bitcoin among companies is.