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Video of who Adam Kuczynski is, analysis of #SUI, what alts look interesting and what Apple is doing with AI.

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The #BTC via FUD on Binance flew below the important $28k level. Now it's worth watching this level and seeing if the price comes back. If it comes back, we have the first confirmation on the approach to the level: $28700, and then $29600. And the latter if it is pierced, then a possible attack on $32k on BTC. 

Pessimistic scenario: if $27.5K lets go, we will probably see a drop to $24.5-25.5K so here is a very strong support that has a good chance of being defended. On the other hand, we are still counting on defending the former, as $28K may be defended today.


As for ETH, it is holding up well. As long as $1833 holds, it is ok. Now it's important for the price to get back above $1900 ( first stop) and $1940 ( second stop). Further increases once it goes above $2000 again. 


As for the interesting alta, it holds up best: RNDR and WOO. 

Aptos is also in an interesting position and on these 3 coins you can slowly look around for some analysis on the upside.

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  1. Who is Aaron Kuczynski ?

Recent time has been rich in comments on Aaron. See what he has to say about these hot topics 😉 .

2. the best leverage strategy for gamblers. And how to understand the risk with leverage ?

Who has never played leveller, has never treed. END material.

3. SUI analysis. You need to know the trends to make the most of the upward movement!

Altcoin #SUI in all its glory.

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Tim Cook says Apple will weave AI into products, and researchers will work to solve bias problem

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a rare, highly guarded, glimpse of Apple's walled garden during the Q&A portion of a recent earnings call when asked about his thoughts on generative artificial intelligence (AI) and where he "sees it going."

Cook refrained from revealing Apple's plans, stating upfront: "We don't comment on product roadmaps." He did, however, admonish that the company was interested in space:

"I think it's very important to be conscious and thoughtful in the way we approach these issues. And there are a lot of issues that need to be sorted out. (...) But the potential is certainly very interesting."

The CEO later added that the company sees "AI as huge" and will "continue to weave it into our products on a very deliberate basis."

Cook's comments about taking a "deliberate and thoughtful" approach could explain the company's absence from the AI generative space. However, there are some indications that Apple is conducting its own research into related models.

The research paper, to be published at the Interaction Design and Children conference this June, details a novel system for combating biases in the development of machine learning datasets.

The tendency for an artificial intelligence model to make unfair or inaccurate predictions based on incorrect or incomplete data is often cited as one of the most pressing problems in the safe and ethical development of generative artificial intelligence models.

The paper, which can now be read as a preprint, describes a system in which multiple users would contribute equally to the development of the AI system's dataset.

The status quo of generative AI development does not add in human feedback until later stages, when models have usually already gained training biases.

Apple's new research takes into account people's opinions at the very early stages of model development to essentially democratize the data selection process. The result, according to the researchers, is a system that takes a "practical, collaborative approach to implementing strategies for creating sustainable datasets."

It should be mentioned that this study was designed as an educational paradigm to encourage novices to take an interest in the development of machine learning.

Scaling the techniques described in the article for use in training large language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT and Google Bard, could prove difficult. However, the research shows an alternative approach to combating bias.

Ultimately, the creation of an LLM without unwanted bias could represent a watershed moment in the development of human-level AI systems.

Such systems stand in the way of every aspect of the technology sector, especially the worlds of fintech, cryptocurrency trading and blockchain. Impartial stock and cryptocurrency trading bots capable of human-level reasoning, for example, could shake up the global financial market by democratizing high-level trading knowledge.

Moreover, demonstrating an unbiased LLM could go a long way toward satisfying government concerns about safety and ethics in the generative AI industry.

This is particularly noteworthy for Apple, as any generative AI product it develops or decides to support will be able to take advantage of the iPhone's built-in AI chipset and its 1.5 billion users.

Source: www.cointelegraph.com  


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