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If we look at #BTC we can see that it is a typical sideways. Now what it can tell us: looking at the levels the important one at the moment is the level of $25,200 and $22,000. This is the top and bottom of an important channel ( at the moment BTC is still in an upward channel ). So: piercing $25,200 min H1 body, opens the way to the $27,000-28,800 zone. confirms the increases. On the other hand, if BTC goes below $22,000, it will hover in the $19,200-20,600 zone. So, as if we have a clear situation in both cases, and we know what is a condition for a given scenario. Currently, BTC is between these levels, so the above conditions are sort of "in the cloud" and will fire off when BTC reaches either level.

Let's go a little tighter now, i.e. local levels: $22,500 holds increases, anything above $22,500-22,800 is Ok.

On the other hand, from the top there is a small resistance at the level of $23,600-23,800, the breakthrough of which will make the chances of attacking $25,200 even more realistic, and further on we already know. So all we need at the moment is to break through this very resistance again. Until then, I'm betting that BTC will go sideways in the area between $22,700-23,300, from which I hope it will come out on top(there are more confirmations for increases at the moment). 


As for #ETH, the larger channels are $1,480 and $1,725. A break through $1,725 opens the way to $2,000, while a drop below $1,480 could open the way to $1,380-1,420. More locally, there is the $1,567 level, which it must hold if ETH is to continue to remain upward . Mini resistance to be pierced along the way is $1,640.

Looking at the U.S. dollar index or SXP, at this point, it is also a confirmation for increases .

You already know the levels, so plot them on your chart and watch them to see what steps to take.

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Global rules for cryptocurrencies to be based on FSB and IMF summary document, India says, after G20 meetings

The basis for the upcoming global regulation of cryptocurrencies will be formed on a new synthesis document jointly developed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Financial Stability Board (FSB), announced India as the holder of the Group of 20 (G20) presidency in Bangalore on Saturday. The document is expected to be ready by September.

The announcement followed three days of meetings in India among the world's 20 largest economies, collectively known as the G20, in which the creation of a global regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies was a priority.

Discussions between G20 finance ministers and central bank governors were expected to pave the way for globally coordinated cryptocurrency regulations.

The synthesis document will be submitted during India's G20 presidency, which culminates in September, when India hosts G20 leaders from around the world, Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said at a press conference.

Asked if the consensus around global regulation of cryptocurrencies, which India has prioritized for its G20 presidency, will arrive during India's tenure, Sitharaman said "first of all, we are going through a study process so that their discussions can be informed."

"Something should develop," Sitharaman added, referring to the FSB document expected in July, which will lead to a synthesis of the document by September.

Sitharaman also said that the governor of the Central Bank of Canada has warned other members that cryptocurrency assets should not receive a "regulatory seal of approval" without a thoughtful approach and implementation framework.

"The World Bank said the views of all developing countries should also be taken into account in any (cryptocurrency) policy framework." - Sitharaman added.

Central Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das said there has been a marked shift in perceptions around cryptocurrency assets by G20 countries over the past year, which has seen the collapse of several major cryptocurrency companies, including FTX and global contagion. Recently, there has been a broad acceptance of the risks associated with cryptocurrency assets, Das said.

Source: www.coindesk.com


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