Are the increases on BTC a fakeout? What interesting things will you see on YouTube? Where to find a good cryptocurrency exchange?

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The market in recent ...

As we can see, BTC coped with all resistance. We had a very sizable move on both BTC and most of the altcoins, although the ones we picked roughly did the best. They rallied 70% to 300% from their buying zones. Currently there are small signs of fatigue, although BTC should not score lower zones like $19,500-20,200, keeping in mind that if it falls below $19,000 then unfortunately all this growth was a typical fakeout ( one should keep in mind, although it does not look like it). 

However, it is very likely to see $24000-26000 within 8 weeks from today and possible $2000-2400 on ETH ( fairly wide areas, closer to that time on the Golden Keys group I will report on exact levels ) where only then we can expect a bigger unwind. Following the rule: every fall buy, for the next 4-8 weeks we can expect at least one more upward leg like last time.

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  1. We open the new week in the green! Is it time to realize profits? Market analysis - BTC and ETH.

Analysis from earlier this week. Watch, see if it works.

2 BEST Take Profit Strategy. Running a position. How to do it masterfully?

CryptoAaron and his approach to running positions and "taking profits", because if you don't take it yourself, no one will give you!

3. you need to be prepared! Don't get on the speeding train. Analysis of selected altcoins.

 As every week, three altcoins. See if you have them, buy them or sell them.

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Cooperation with Cashify

As we already mentioned, 2023 will be a year of HUGE ( and only good 🙂 ) changes for our users.

We throw for you our cooperation No.1, that is individual conditions for each of you on exchange offices all over Poland. Very pleasant service, prepared on time, full anonymity, 100% trustworthy. 

WHEN YOU VISIT A CANTOR OR BUY GOLD / SILVER, be sure to say the password: Mr.Advice

A few words:

If we had to define the Cashify brand in one sentence it would include such words as:

Safety, quality, speed, convenience and innovation.

Cashify is a network of stationary cryptocurrency exchange offices, consisting of 15 stationary points and a dozen mobile ones scattered around the country. It also operates using BLIK technology. 

Their main goal is to make exchanging cryptocurrencies easy and enjoyable, and most importantly, without the risk of losing funds or blocking your bank account. The meeting and its process at Cashify exchange offices resembles the meeting of two good friends. 

They offer to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money (PLN, EUR, USD) and precious metals (gold, silver, platinum). They have no problems with liquidity, even ordered 6-digit amounts they are able to process the same day. 

For group members on the password Mr.Advice, the commission on exchanges is 2.5%. With permanent cooperation and for larger amounts, negotiable. In Poland, the standard rate is 3 to 6%, so the rate is really good. 

From 100 000zl upwards they get everywhere, even in the most tucked away towns 🙂 For less too, just pay for the commute. In many large cities, of course, transportation is free. 

More details:

To schedule an appointment, please contact us at 888 764 888 or under the nickname: @cashify_moko on Telegram


MONDAY 20:30 Technical analysis of BTC and ETH

TUESDAY 19:00 Technical aspects

MONDAY, 7:00 p .m. Analysis of 3 altcoins on demand

Have a good week!

Mr.Advice TEAM

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