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Hello in the New Year! Today's special edition of the Newsletter, where we will focus on planning for 2023 📌.

We hope that 2022 has been bid farewell with a smile and you are ready for the adventure of 2023.

In the previous newsletter, I left you with 33 questions to help you summarize the previous year. If by some miracle you don't have a summary and you still want to do one, feel free to do so:

In this issue, on the other hand, we will focus on planning, goal setting and creating a Dream Map. You're probably familiar with these buzzwords, and perhaps you laugh a little at them and don't believe they work. However, planning and goal setting is kind of like typing our destination into the navigation. There are several roads, but our destination remains the same. That's why we firmly believe that if we set our goals today we will find our way to them, even if we lose our range or make a wrong exit in the process. Because planning helps us in moments of weakness and doubt to return to what we want.

I've prepared for you a dream map, plans and goals for the next year, and the standard market analysis from CryptoAaron! 


BTC is in a very neutral zone, with a gentle uptrend, but in its current position between $16800 and $17200 it is in a neutral zone. If we want to talk about further increases, we need to break through $17300. Then we can reach the $17600, $18000, $18600 targets.

On the other hand, if we come out the bottom below $16800 then we can gently short, although shorts have less advantage than long s. And just as with a long I gave these long targets, with a short, if BTC went below $16800, it would give a rationale of $16700, 16500. There is no further prospect of declines. These declines could be caused by some FUD that might occur, some collapse of a global trader or something. Rather, BTC is in an uptrend, so we are waiting to see what happens tomorrow, which is the opening of Monday, and what next week will bring us. Historically, the second week of January is interesting and sets the direction for the coming months so that's what we're sticking to and watching.

As for ETH, ETH is also in the zone between $1250 and $1280, a neutral zone. If we want to talk about further increases then we need to minimally pierce $1280 and then we can think about the price of $1300, $1320 and $1350 or even $1400. On the other hand, as in the case of BTC, there is no room for declines. Here the neutral zone is quite wide, because $1250, $1280 what I mentioned is so local, but the whole universal zone is up to $1200, even $1190. So if we want to talk about a short then we need to go below $1188.

I encourage you to watch the mailing regularly to know what's next in the market short-term, as well as long-term.

Want more concrete and daily analysis and commentary on them? I invite you to the Golden Keys 2.0 channel !

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A path without a destination is a wandering path, thus:

  1. Prepare a piece of paper and a pen. Writing them down by hand makes us more likely to fulfill them. Magic, eh?
  2. Divide the card into several categories: health, finance, development, spirituality, habits.
  3. Do a brainstorm and list all the goals that come to mind.
  4. Decide which ones are realistic and you want to fulfill them this year.
  5. Determine the time by when you want to achieve a given goal.
  6. Plan your tasks to a given goal and...
  7. Act!


How to plan so as not to go crazy?

  1. Write out a big goal, and then break it down into smaller tasks. 
  2. Reward yourself for small successes along the way to your goal.
  3. Write down the plan and come back to it to see if you stick to it.
  4. Use the First Step Principle, meaning take the first step when you don't want to, and the rest will go automatically.

Or do you feel like choosing a "slogan of the year 2023"?

It is nothing more than a slogan that you want it to guide you. It is to be what you need and want most this year. It's what you will focus on and strive for. Perhaps it is money? Success? Health? Love? Peace of mind?

Choose your password and remind yourself of it every day or several times a week. And on December 31, check to see if it was indeed the password that guided you throughout the year.


Create a vision for your year

A dream map is a tool for visualizing ambitions and plans for our future. It is a visualization of dreams and ideal life. 

  1. Decide what should go on your map. It should be a collection of images and quotes that represent everything you dream about. What should you focus on? 
    • What does your business/finances look like?
    • Who do you work with? Who do you know?
    • How much do you earn/have you earned?
    • What does your life look like?
    • What kind of house do you live in?
    • What kind of car do you drive?
    • Where are you on vacation?
    • What do you look like?
    • What do you do?
    • What do you own?

2 Decide on the format of your map.

Will it be on a phone/computer? On a corkboard? On a regular large sheet of paper?

3 - Gather materials . Find pictures, images, quotes and write them down. If you decide to do a physical dream map then print them all out.

4. arrange/arrange all these dreams on a map. You can give your picture in the middle. You can group the dreams (finance, health, appearance, material things, travel, etc.), and you can arrange them any way you want.

5. put it up, hang the map in a prominent place you see every day or set it on your wallpaper. The most important thing is that you see your map several times every day, believe that you will achieve your dreams, and remind yourself of what you want.

I hope you now have everything you need to plan your 2023! Good luck and we keep our fingers crossed for you and wish you every success!


The first videos this year are already on CryptoAaron's channel.

  1. What will happen with BTC and ETH? What does the beginning of the year look like?

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Have a fantastic week and the whole year!

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