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Today we are celebrating 50 weeks of newsletter creation! We are extremely pleased that you are here with us and that is why we prepared two gifts. But first things first and the most important part of the newsletter - market analysis:


What the market looks like. Globally downward. Slightly less global: upward. More locally: downward. How to understand it?

We are currently hovering around the $19000 zone. I believe that there will still be a descent to the $18500-18800 zone and from there we will bounce to the area of $20280-20680. And here the decision will come: either we try to go to $22600-23200 or, however, the market will not find strength and from the former zone will fall to the still expected $17.0-17.6K zone. Cancellation of the scenario: piercing $18.2-18.5K, which will cause a drop to the above-mentioned zone in the first place. So it seems to be waiting for a small local downward movement to gather the nets for a temporary breather in the market.

For ETH further remain unchanged $1200-1280 as an important demand level for the entire market. In this range ETH should bounce, which it has already done more than once with the rest. Then the levels are $1400-1420 resistance and $1480-1500, followed by $1550, $1640 and $1700.

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CryptoAaron's YouTube:

Aaron thanks you for 4.5k, or even 4.63k, Youtube subs!

This week he showed even more class and made 4 mega important and interesting films. 

  1. A potential peak for BTC in the coming bull market? (LINK)

Technical analysis comes down to picking out important moments, and the BTC peak is one of the most important ones! Get to know Aaron's opinion!

In this video you will find a certain relationship, traced by Aaron and taken under a magnifying glass. He loves such gems and more puzzle pieces from technical analysis. 

In trading, the moment of exit is the most important thing, but the whole strategy starts at the moment of the first purchases. In this video, Aaron reveals his proven and very effective strategy that has led out and is leading the portfolios of many big players!

The continuation of the first part of the strategy series. If you were interested in the first one then be sure to see the second one and enjoy! Here you will find the most important lessons from the previous bull market that will change your approach to what is coming.

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Since it's an occasion, so are the promised gifts. Our mission is value, so pick up your free Golden Rules e-book in the marketplace HERE.

Thank you for being with us and using the content we create for you. As a form of thanks, we want to give you a 10% discount on all products, to be used until Wednesday 11:59 pm!

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Enrollment in webinars

In collaboration with the developers from Inseed, we would like to invite you to two webinars coming up this week.

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TUESDAY, 7:00 PM: Why won't you make money in the crypto market with technology? Webinar with Arkadiusz Jastrzebski. REGISTRATION HERE.

WEDNESDAY, 7PM: FOREX. Not such a scary devil? Simple steps- tools for trading. REGISTRATION HERE.

Have a fantastic week!

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