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Will Aaron Kuczynski's channel turn into an automotive channel? Will bitcoin find strength for growth? What about the Brazilian bank's trading platform?

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Ok, we have a little boredom again. Alts without strength, as earlier BTC stood and alts were going then now this move on alts is not so strong. BTC has so far reacted well in our grid and is bouncing from the important level of $23,200. It remains to be seen whether it will find strength for more. For now, I'm keeping an eye on positions and a renewed descent below - I'll close near ENTRY, and stay short at #SOL. BTC is known, $23,200 defends as support, a fall below unfortunately can spoil the temporary increases and we fall to our green zone lower ( from free analysis on YT HERE ). Increases only after piercing $23,850 and $24,600 consecutively. As for ETH, two important levels: $1700 and $1850. Above the latter, it is ok and rising. In between - natural. Lose $1700 then again we have after increases and expect $1600,1440 or $1250. We will see, for now without conclusions, Updates as always will be as soon as the market shows something.

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  • Brazil's largest investment bank, BTG Pactual, has launched a cryptocurrency trading platform

Available since Monday, the Mynt platform allows users to trade BTC, ETH, SOL, DOT and ADA with a minimum investment of 100 Brazilian reals, equivalent to $19.42.

"Cryptocurrencies are a new technology with great potential for transformation, bringing with it risks and opportunities. Entering the universe of cryptocurrencies is another important step toward meeting the demand of our clients and filling a gap in the market," - André Portilho, head of digital assets at BTG Pactual, said in a statement.

In September, BTG Pactual announced that it would release Mynt in the fourth quarter of 2021 with access to BTC and ETH.

In April 2019, the bank released its ReitBZ security token, while in April 2021 it launched a bitcoin fund, the first managed by a financial institution in Brazil. A month later, it opened an ether-based fund.

Also on Monday, XP, Brazil's largest broker by market value, launched a cryptocurrency trading platform, allowing users to invest in BTC and ETH.

Source: coindesk.com 


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