6,000 bit machines at Circle K service stations

By the end of this year, the cryptocurrency giant, wants to put up as many as 6,000 new bitcoin machines in the US and Canada. The bitcoin depot in question is currently the largest operator of cryptocurrency exchange machines in the world.  

The company announced that more than 700 bitmachines have already been installed at service stations in 30 US states as part of a new partnership agreement with Circle K. 

The cryptocurrency ATM distributor said the expansion could provide more and more people with access to new finances and attract millions of new users to the cryptocurrency space.

Alona Lubovnaya (Bitcoin Depot product director), said:

"Over the past year we have seen cryptocurrencies enter mainstream adoption by large investment corporations and private banking, but what about people who don't have access to these exclusive services?"

She went on to add that "ATMs located at Circle K stations provide very easy access to cryptocurrencies for the less affluent who do not use banks and do not have access to financial advisors".

How big are BitCoin Depot and Circle K?

Cryptocurrency company BitCoin Depot currently has more than 3,500 bit machines across the US and Canada. Their machines allow customers to purchase more than 30 different cryptocurrencies, including of course Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC). The Circle K station network, on the other hand, comprises more than 14,000 shops in 26 countries worldwide. 

How many Bitomats are there around the world?

The number of bit ATMs around the world that allow customers to exchange traditional currencies (so-called FIATs) for cryptocurrencies has increased significantly in recent years. 

Data from the Coin ATM Radar service shows that there are approximately 24,000 bit ATMs in 75 countries. The majority of these, more than 20,000, are located in the United States.

Director Lubovnaya added that the company's mission is to bring cryptocurrencies to the masses so that the majority of the world's population has easy access to the crypto market.

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26-07-2021, Mr Advice TEAM

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