How to join?

3 easy steps to join Mr.Advance

Step 1
Each, even the most amazing adventure begins with the first step. Collaboration with the Mr. Start your tip by joining our channel in Discord. The link is below and the registration process is very smooth and intuitive. The first part of our forum will appear before you, which is an introduction to your adventure.
Step 2
Please read the entire Before You Begin feed carefully. There you will find legal regulations and forum rules. Then see the selected packages and choose the one that interests you the most. After paying in accordance with the instructions, all you need to do is accept the regulations and send a request to verify your account.
Step 3
Correct account verification is a ticket to our world. Then we will prepare you for the exam, the passing of which will be tantamount to adding you to all telegram groups. After joining - see the pinned messages in each of the channels in the Telegram application, and finally - or actually the beginning - say hello to our community on the "Debata" channel. Your adventure begins right here. We believe that it will be fantastic and will bear fruit in many of your successes.